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Overdue update

It has been months since I posted last…time for an update.

1.  I had a successful Spring semester in my studies.  Three A+’s!  One was a very hard to earn in a 400 level Geometry course.  One was not quite as hard to earn in an assessment class.  The third was a gift by the “teacher”…and I use that term loosely.  It made me feel dirty and cheapens what an A+ should mean.  I’ll have to remember to not give away good grades when I’m a teacher.  The students must earn them!

2.  I was awarded a Noyce Mathematics Education Teaching Scholars scholarship worth $25,000.  Woohoo!

3.  I am taking summer classes now…so no break for me.  😦  The Fall is going to be busy, but I will actually get to be inside a high school for one of my classes.  I can’t wait!

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