Already passing it on

I’m in my first semester of a teaching degree and I’ve already been trying out concepts with my son who’s in 9th grade.  He has heard me talk about (and experienced) how to use scaffolding.  I’ve lead him down the path of proving the Pythagorean Theorem trying to give him the minimum scaffolding possible.  (That will have to be another post.)

So he calls me yesterday (he couldn’t wait for me to get home) to tell me what happened in his math class.  He said that a group of students were around his desk asking him how to do something.  So instead of just telling them, he thought about what I’ve been saying and was actually asking them questions to get them thinking and leading them to the answer!  He said that they needed to struggle a little bit to learn it for themselves.

I wonder if I will be able to implement this in my classroom one day…training the students who get it the first time to help teach those who don’t.

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