How it all started

Earlier this year I was looking for a new software engineering job.  I had just gotten back from a Caribbean cruise and decided, strictly for fun, to search for software jobs in the Caribbean.  I found a website that was for all jobs in that area  (not just software jobs) so I started to look over the list.  I happened upon a job listing for a teaching job.  I remember thinking to myself, “what an awesome job…teaching kids and living in the islands.”  Then it hit me–I really wanted to teach kids!

I know that sounds corny…but that’s how it started.

After this, I had the feeling that it was a “calling” and that I should pursue it.  I am currently enrolled in a local university working part time on a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics while continuing my full time software job.

I feel so lost at times.

My first day of classes, I show up to class and the teacher says to log into a particular web application.  I had never heard of it before and I felt like a fish out of water.  So I’m looking over at other students trying to figure out how to get to the application.  I finally manage, but it was a rough start.  I had no orientation before my first class…I guess as a non-degree studies student I slipped through the cracks.  I hope to be admitted to the Master’s program in the Spring.

I am in one education course and one math course this semester.  I think the last time I was in a math class in college was before a lot of the other students were born.  Seriously.  20 years ago.

My first project in my education class called for us to write a lesson plan.  I had no clue what one was and felt like I was way behind the other students.  But I did manage to squeak out a A for the project.

So far, I’m having a complete blast.  Classes are fun and challenging.  I know I’m working toward something I really want to do.  I really wish I could quit my job and go full time, but I’ve got to start saving up money for the time I’ll be student teaching.  Of course, I’m not going into teaching for the money.  I’ve actually calculated it and I’m probably giving up well over a million dollars over the rest of my career to switch to teaching.

But what I gain is priceless.


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